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As of: 12/13/2018

- All areas/formations are OPEN! -

Last Updated: 19/11/2018

Park management closes some areas temporarily or seasonally to:

  • protect nesting raptors' habitats
  • protect hikers passing below trailside routes
  • allow overused areas to recover from erosion
  • further assist with the recovery of the California Condor

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There are currently NO climbing restrictions in the park. Please double-check and observe all closures before climbing.

The tables below indicate CURRENT closure status by climbing formation as of today: 12/13/2018.
(Pinnacles climbing closures typically begin in January and are in effect until July, but can vary depending on raptor nesting status.)

See Protection of Nesting Birds of Prey on the Park's Raptor Advisory page for additional information (including maps).

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Formation NoteIndicates additional formation notes. Hover over formation to view.

Machete Ridge (East face)

Machete Ridge (South face)

Machete Ridge (West face, right)

Note: This list "generally" shows only those formations that are CLOSED. All other formations can be assumed OPEN.

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Confused about closures? Play it safe, here's a list of popular areas that are ALWAYS OPEN.

East Side:

Tourist Trap
Discovery Wall
The Monolith
The Back Door
The Camel
The Sisters
Upper Crust


West Side:

The Shepherd
The Elephant
Passion Play Wall
The Flumes
Chockstone Dome



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