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  • 6th Annual PCAD Wrap Up (from PCAD)

    Good times and a ton of excellent work completed.

  • More California Condors Headed To Pinnacles

    A group of The Peregrine Fund's California Condors will soon be unfurling their nine and a half foot wings to soar the skies of central California at their respective sites in Pinnacles National Park and Big Sur.

6th Annual PCAD Wrap Up (FOP)

The 6th annual Pinnacles Climber Appreciation Days(PCAD) was held October 12-14th at Pinnacles National Park.

Work projects included:

  • trail maintenance in the High Peaks
  • brush clearing on climber's trails such as the south approach to the Yaks
  • the always popular trash cleanup

Friends of Pinnacles President, Bruce Hildenbrand and Kathy Cook led a group of hearty individuals from several trails on the east side up into the High Peaks, over the craggy crest and back down into Bear Gulch. Honorable mention goes to Pinnacles wildlife biologist, Gavin Emmons, who donned TWO Tyvek suits and rappeled into the ravine below the Tunnel Trail bridge to access that poison oak-riddled trash depository.

All in all, 36 plastic bottles, 10 aluminum cans, 7 glass bottles and about 10 lbs of assorted trash were gathered (see Gallery below).

Many thanks to the PCAD Board Aaron McDonald(President), Dina Blair, John Cook, Kathy Cook, Caleb Rightmyer and Jon Cochran plus the National Park Service headed by Veronica Johnson and Jennifer Westphal of the Pinnacles Foundation for making this all happen.

Check our other PCAD Wrap up article from John Cook.

Hope to see you all next year!

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