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Pinnacles Begins Centennial Celebration with Rededication Ceremony

  • Where: Pinnacles National Monument - Bear Gulch Nature Center (West Side)
  • When: Jan 18th, 2008 (10:30 AM)

Pinnacles National Monument will begin its yearlong Centennial Celebration on January 16th, 2008 with a Rededication Ceremony. Through a great effort of community initiative and support, Pinnacles was established as a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. The monument was created to protect the unique geological formations and caves, and also to offer recreational opportunities for visitors. Pinnacles has grown to include areas of cultural importance to Native American communities, historical significance such as the trails built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, and to preserve habitat for California’s native plants and animals.

The Rededication Ceremony will be held to honor the legacy of community involvement and stewardship that has been crucial to Pinnacles National Monument. It is because of this long-standing support that we pay tribute to the local community during our centennial and beyond. We are strengthening our commitment to these communities by reciprocating the dedication and support to those who have sustained us through the years. As we commemorate the past, we look to the next generation of stewards to ensure that Pinnacles National Monument stays relevant for the next 100 years.

The ceremony will begin at 10:30 am at Bear Gulch Nature Center with a Color Guard ceremony, a special appearance by Teddy and Edith Roosevelt and a proclamation from San Benito County Supervisor Reb Monaco. Presentations and proclamations will honor current and former park employees, and will be followed by remarks from the park Superintendent. Light refreshments and ranger programs will follow the ceremony.

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