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New Additions to Summit Registry Project

As part of our ongoing efforts to preserve summit registry entries from throughout the park FOP has completed recording most of the information from the North Finger Summit register.

Despite the extreme deterioration of entries removed from the North Finger summit register FOP volunteers were able to recover entries dating back to 1973. Unfortunately, the register had been compromised and many of the entries had been water-logged repeatedly for an undetermined amount of time. Volunteers painstakingly peeled apart pages with tweezers and set them out to dry. The entries were later deciphered using various techniques. Any entry with a legible name and date was entered into the archive.

Of course many entries were lost to the deterioration and could not be recovered, but many were saved.

Several entries of specific interest have been copied, laminated and scheduled for return to the actual summit register for the enjoyment of future climbers.

To read these entries see our Summit Register page.

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