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  • Raptor Monitoring Update for May to June 2019

    The breeding raptor season is in full swing at Pinnacles National Park, with many species finishing up their nesting efforts. Here is an update on raptor activity through May and June.

Parks Expansion Urged

(excerpted from NY Times article by Michael Janofsky)

The Clinton Administration is a step closer to adding close to 8000 acres to Pinnacles National Monument.

Based on recommendations made by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit the President intends to use the Antiquities Act to create and expend several parks. Passage of the act requires little more than the President's signature.

Republicans are opposed to the usage of the Antiquities Act. Chairman of the House national parks subcommittee, Representative James Hansen of Utah, is trying to block passage saying that the Antiquities Act was never intended to be used for such a large expansion. Rep. Hansen has introduced legislation intended to restrict the president's discretionary powers.

President Clinton intends to execute the Act before the end of his last term. (see article above)

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