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Rebolting Report - Adam's Apple (Tilting Terrace)

(note: this entry is an edited version of the actual report submitted by Bruce regarding the days events)

FOP Board Members: Clint C. and Bruce H. went to the Pinnacles today (01/10/10) and replaced the missing bolt on Adam's Apple (Flumes Formation on the West Side). The route has seven bolts and the first five are 3/8" star dryvins. The route was supposedly put up in 1992, but it seems a strange choice to use such out-of-date hardware. The last two bolts are 5-piece Rawls.

Given all the traffic on the Flumes formation, it might be a good idea to replace all the Star Dryvins. We will put that on the list.

BTW, as they say on the TV show Deadliest Catch, Clint 'was on the trash' today. We must have packed out about 15 plastic water bottles, 10 aluminum cans and a whole bunch of other assorted junk. Clint even found a diaper (unfortunately, used) along the way.

Another great FOP outing.

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