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Tourist Trap Restoration Completed

Tim George and the Trail Crew at Pinnacles have completed work at the Tourist Trap climbing area. The work included:

  • Closing down of at least 3 small, though very damaging social trails that were created from years of use that were improperly designed
  • The construction of a new, more sustainable trail route to the climbing area
  • A belay platform was constructed to make it more safe for folks belaying near the route "Pickpocket".

Tim indicated that this was less work than he was hoping to achieve, but he will continue to get input from the climbing community to see what we can continue to work on. "My plan, is to attack the upper portion of this area next year or whenever possible. I encourage folks to come on down and check out the area and feedback is always appreciated."

Tim reminds us all that the single best deterrent to erosion is staying on the designated trails. Tim added, "As of now, the area looks pretty bare due to the damage we did during reconstruction. Though it looks ok right now, by next spring the area will be growing back very rapidly and look great! I appreciate everyone's input in the last couple months and hopefully this fall we can get a volunteer weekend project together and have a blast restoring some of these trails."

We here at FOP want to extend our appreciation for all the work that Tim and the Crew are putting in to keep areas open and safe for all of us.


Tourist Trap Restoration Pictures
The Before Shot New Approach Stairs Stairs to Pickpocket
The "before" shot New approch stairs Stairs to Pickpocket

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