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Scout Peak Outhouse Temporary Closure

Pinnacles National Monument - November 3-5, 2010, the Scout Peak outhouse on the High Peaks trail, will be periodically closed for up to 20 minute intervals for maintenance and cleaning. Work will be assisted by helicopter operations, for hauling materials, so the adjacent area will also close during these intervals. "The park will attempt to keep closure time to a minimum to reduce any inconveniences and asks for everyone's patience to insure a safe operation," explained Denise Louie, acting Superintendent.

Currently one side of the outhouse is closed for staging materials for the actual work to be performed in November.

The Scout Peak outhouse is part of the legacy from when the Civilian Conservation Corps were stationed at the park during the period of 1933 through 1942. Most of the stone buildings and rock work visitors find in the park were built with that program.

General park information can be obtained by visiting our Web site or by calling 831-389-4485.

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