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Details for April 23rd Trail Work Day

We have the final details for the April 23rd Trail Work Day

Tim George, Trails Supervisor, has provided details for the Trail Work Day:

Day: Sat, Aril 23rd
Time: 8 to 8:30 AM
Where: Park Trails Shop

It is important that all volunteers show up between 8 and 8:30 AM. We will be dividing into several groups, so it would be difficult to join the teams after they have departed the trails shop.

We will meet at the trails shop where there is ample parking and we can more easily gather and distribute the tools.

If you need directions to the Trails Shop, please contact Tim directly or FOP.

Tim has several projects in mind that should work well with the variety of individuals coming. You can gear up for brushing trails, digging some water drains and possibly clearing downed trees. These projects will occur on the main trails as well as climber access and wilderness trails as well.


If you have your own gloves and safety glasses, please bring them. If you don't have safety glasses, an old pair of sunglasses will suffice.

The Park has tools, but if you have garden nippers or loppers you don't mind bringing, that would be great.

Bring a lunch and plenty of water. Sun screen may also come in handy.

We should be done by 4:00PM.


	 :	Tim George (Trails Supervisor)

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