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Park Opens Select Formations to Climbing Early

In what is yet another stellar example of the success of the ongoing, voluntary, raptor closures system in place at the Pinnacles, the Park has removed several popular climbing formation from the closures list months early.

Red TailCareful monitoring of raptor activity has made it possible to selectively remove several formations from the closures list without adversely effecting raptor mating behaviors. This is huge for climbers as several of the areas subject to closures are favored destinations - especially during spring when conditions are best.

FOP wishes to thank Gavin and the rest of those people involved in coordinating the voluntary closures program for their efforts and sensitivity to the climbing community.

Among the newly opened areas is the majority of the Balconies on the West Side. The south end of the formation remains closed and the Park asks that ALL climbers either rappel directly from their route or use the standard Northern rappel from the top of Hook and Drill. Avoid the southern climbs and any roof formations.

For complete closure details see the closure listing on this site or check the Park Web site AND always remember to check the Park's climbing notice boards before you hike in to any destination.

Thanks again to Gavin for all his work.


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