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FOP Awarded Rebolting Grant From Access Fund

It's not often that we post news about ourselves, but FOP recently became newsworthy when we were awarded a cash grant from the Access Fund. We are excited and honored by the grant, though the exact amount is not known at this time. The funds are mandated to be used to purchase rebolting equipment (bolts, hangers, drill bits, etc.) in support of rebolting activities.

This looks like an ongoing program for the Access Fund, but this is the first year for the rebolting-specific grants. The application process was rigorous and required (among other things) a complete list of our rebolting activities to date. You can see the rebolting list on our site in the Climbing section.

There is more information on the grant process on the Access Fund site. The official announcement by the Access Fund is here and Rock & Ice posted a nice feature.

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