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FOP Finishes Major Rebolting Project

After more than seven man-days worth of effort Clint Cummins and Bruce Hildenbrand of FOP finished rebolting the 4 pitch Resurrection Wall, including the bolt ladders - a total of 29 bolts (plus removing 4 duplicates). They also installed SS quick links and rap rings on the 2nd and third pitch anchors and added an anchor on top with SS quick links and rings which makes it possible to rap the route with double 60s.

The majority of the original bolts used in the first ascent were "red heads" a compression style bolt used in construction. Unfortunately, these bolts are a particularly poor choice in Pinnacles rock. These bolts were replaced using new 3/8" RAWL 5-piece bolts with Fixe hangers.

This route is known for its difficult clipping stances and special care was taken to ensure that the original bolt locations were maintained where possible or with minimal change were the existing locations were unusable or unsafe.

The wildly overhanging pitch 2 made rebolting a challenge and involving multiple rope techniques. This was an amazing effort by our two rebolting wizards, so much so that the Access Fund was following the effort on their Web site.

Here is a mini-gallery of pictures documenting the project:

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