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Special Climbing Closure Notice

Heads up climbers,

For the first time, that we can remember, we have a mandatory climbing closure outside of the normal closures season.

The south end of Machete is still under mandatory closure, and will remain so until further notice. This is not just a climbing advisory - this applies to all human activities.

Turns out this is actually GREAT news. Why? Well, there is a condor nest near Old Original and the condor crew folks are maintaining the closure until the condor young has a chance to fly more confidently in the area. This is a HUGE deal - the first successful condor nest at Pinnacles in over a hundred years, and on the centennial year of the National Park Service.

Gavin Emmons (Park Biologist and Raptor Expert) estimates the closure will be lifted by December, but check in with the Park or with us before making any plans to climb Machete. Things can change quickly.

The actual closure applies to the south end of Machete (from just past Corona / Destiny and wrapping around to include Derringer, Old Original, and Hideout). Signs are posted.

If you get a chance you might send a congratulatory note to Gavin and share in the excitement of this monumental event.

Climb On!

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