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Friends Of Pinnacles Gets A Facelift

You may have noticed that our Web site was down for about a week in the middle of February. Seems the Web server we were hosted on died and went to server heaven. We took the opportunity to update the site code (circa 2001) and change the Look & Feel.

We hope you like it... it is certainly easier to navigate and read.

For those of you who have been members for a while you will notice some things are missing; and while we have actually removed some sections:

  • letters (Mud 'N Crud do this WAY better)
  • stories

Other sections are still under development:

  • on-line guide
    find a route
    routes by rating
    and more...
  • registry preservation
  • formation maps
  • gallery
    upload your own images

Keep checking back, we will be adding features as quickly as we can.

Thank you all for your support.

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