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6th Annual PCAD Wrap Up (from PCAD)

Here is the PCAD's summary of PCAD 2018, written by John Cook.

Here is a summary of all the work accomplished during PCAD 2018.

One great thing was the restoration of a long section of the High Peaks Trail (Far North). This was the highest priority project and it all got done.

A GIANT thanks to everyone for working so hard to help the park’s trails crew on this tough project.

Trash retrieval and trail brushing was also a big success.

Friday we had a small crew go out and work the High Peaks Trail uphill from the point where it meets the Bench Trail (vicinity of Old Pinnacles area).

Gavin and Kat went to the Bear Gulch Caves for technical trash removal.

JC went to Tadpole Rock for bolt replacement.

Saturday we had multiple crews go out for more trail work, trash pickup and climber access trail brushing.

  • A crew went back out to continue the work that was started on Friday (High Peaks/Bench Trail start – then up High Peaks).
  • Bruce took a trash crew up Condor Gulch, down the Tunnel Trail and back up to the Scout Peak Outhouse.
  • Kat took a crew up the High Peaks Trail (starting from Old Pinnacles area), went across the Steep and Narrow and met Bruce’s crew at the Outhouse.

Both crews then proceeded down the High Peaks Trail to Bear Gulch.

  • Gavin put on a Tyvek suit and rappelled into the Poison Oak infested area below the bridge - at the north end of the Tunnel (Tunnel Trail) for trash removal.
  • Rafael led a crew out the South Wilderness Trail to the terminus – brushing and picking up trash.
  • JC went behind Pipsqueak Pinnacle for some more bolt replacement.
  • Alacia took a crew out for climber access trail brushing - hitting multiple areas up/along the High Peaks Trail, across the Steep and Narrow and down Condor Gulch.
  • Brad took a crew up to the beginning of the Yaks approach past The Driver and Wizard Wall.

Here is a note from climberdude:

We did trail clearing, downsloping, and waterbars on the High Peaks Trail all the way up to the top of the ridge. I was on the trail work crew both days. Tough, back-breaking work, but the trail looks awesome.

This year we donated to the following organizations

  • $1000 to Pinnacles National Park Foundation (PNPF)
  • $500 to the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA)
  • $500 to the American Alpine Club (AAC)
  • $250 to The Access Fund

We will be donating time and expertise along with Pacific Edge Climbing gym to take a group of at-risk youth from Rancho Cielo climbing at Pinnacles in November.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the NPS staff for their time, leadership and expertise.

We would also like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity and support – Friends of Pinnacles (FOP), Pinnacles National Park Foundation (PNPF), the American Safe Climbing Association (ASCA),
the American Alpine Club (AAC), the Access Fund, Mountain Tools, CAMP USA, Petzl, DMM/Excalibur, Stokes Signs, Pacific Edge Climbing Gym, Sanctuary Climbing Gym and last but certainly not least Mud N Crud (Mr. Mud himself).

Check out the 6th Annual PCAD thread on the Mud n Crud forum for pictures and member comments. (just type mud n crud into your favorite browser and go to Forums – Masters of Mud Pinnacles).

Good times and a ton of excellent work completed. Until next year…

Here’s mud in your eye!

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