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  • Raptor Closures Update - April, 2021

    The breeding raptor season is in full swing again at Pinnacles National Park; here is an update on raptor activity through April 2021.

Raptor Closures Update

Gavin Emmons (Pinnacles Wildlife Specialist) has recently updated the climbing closures list for the Park - opening several formations to climbers. Check Mud 'n Crud and/or the Pinnacles Park web site for details or head over to our closures page.

Keep in mind there are still several closures in effect - at parts of Balconies and Machete.

Late-nesting peregrine falcon pair at Balconies will likely force closures to remain in effect until early July, along with the condors at Machete which will likely keep that area affected by partial closures for a number of months.

If you have any questions for Gavin, send him an email.

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