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After Hours Park Access Granted!

After years of lobbying for "after hours access" to the park, Friends Of Pinnacles has been advised that 24-hour access to the East Side of Pinnacles is now in effect.

Although the policy allows for entrance and exit from the park at any time of day, it does NOT allow for overnight camping. Camping if ONLY allowed in the private campgrounds, outside of the entrance kiosk.

The West Side will still close as usual.

It is our understanding that the West Side may go to a 24-hour "exit" program if the program works well for the East Side. This could take the form of a gate that would open only from the inside (allowing after hours exit), but prevent after hours entry.

FOP asks you to be particularly aware and considerate in your activities if you are going to be in the park after 8:00 pm. If we can help make the program go smoothly we might be able to get the whole park onto a 24-hour program.

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