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Summit Registry Preservation Program

Friends Of Pinnacles is announcing step one in its Summit Registry Preservation program.

FOP's intention is to collect deteriorating entries from the various summit registries around the park - preserve the original entries to prevent further deterioration - and post any "legible" entries on their Web site. This will allow climbers to continue to enjoy their, and others, registry entries.

We are even scanning some of the drawings and placing them on the Web site as well. We also intend to make copies of select entries, with particular historical value, and return them to the actual summit registers for other climbers to read.

We have recently finished the entries we have for the Monolith's Register and hope to have more from other registers soon.

"I'm disappointed by how many entries are missing." said Brooks White, Web Master at Friends of Pinnacles. "I remember some really wonderful old entries that I saw back in the 80's that I wish other people could get to read. We are hoping that someone will still have those entries and let FOP know about it so we can add them here."

If you have any information regarding Pinnacles Summit Registry entries or would like to lend a hand with the Summit Registry Preservation Program, please contact us.

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