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International Migratory Bird Day Programs at Pinnacles

May 2, 2005
For Immediate Release
Carl Brenner, Resource Education (831) 389-4485 ext. 265

International Migratory Bird Day Programs at Pinnacles National Monument

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD), which takes place on the second weekend in May each year, celebrates the incredible journeys of migratory birds between their breeding grounds in North America and their wintering grounds in Mexico, Central, and South America. The theme for IMBD 2005 is "Collisions -- Clear the Way for Birds," which explores the hazards to birds from human structures and equipment.

Join Pinnacles National Monument in the celebration on Saturday May 14 as we explore the rich birdlife of San Benito and Monterey County. Walks and programs will include:

  • Hawks and Kites - 8:30 am & 12:00 pm, Peaks View Picnic Area (east side)
An easy - moderate hike along the Bench and South Wilderness Trails.
  • Prairie Falcons and Peregrine Falcons - 8:30 am, Bear Gulch Visitor Center (east side)
A strenuous hike along the Condor Gulch Trail.
  • Birds of Pinnacles - 8:30 am, Chaparral Ranger Station (west side)
A moderate hike over the Balconies Cliffs trail to the beginning of Old PinnaclesTrail.
  • Barn Owls and Prairie Falcons - 1:00 pm, Chalone Trailhead Parking area (east side)
An easy - moderate hike along the Old Pinnacles Trail; please allow an extra 30 - 45 minutes to ride the park shuttle to the Chalone Trailhead Parking area if parking is full
  • Bird Talk- 3:00 pm, Bear Gulch Visitor Center (east side)
No hiking required; please allow an extra 30 - 45 minutes to ride the park shuttle to the visitor center area if parking is full.
  • Prairie Falcons - 5:00 pm, Chaparral Ranger Station (west side)
A strenuous hike from along the Juniper Canyon Trail to the Tunnel Trail junction.

Although the endangered California condor is not a migratory bird, we will be including it in our celebration. Pinnacles National Monument is a release site for condors, and six condors are currently flying free in and around the park. Condor biologists will be in the High Peaks area throughout the day demonstrating the use of spotting scopes and radio telemetry equipment. Check at the Bear Gulch Visitor Center or Chaparral Ranger Station for locations.

An evening campground program relating to birds of Pinnacles will also be taking place at the amphitheater of the privately owned Pinnacles Campground, Inc. If you would like to attend the campground program but are not a registered guest at the campground, parking is available at the overflow lot near the amphitheater.

If you plan to visit Pinnacles during the spring, remember that weekends can be very busy at both entrances and parking is often limited. Please carpool whenever possible, arrive early or consider visiting during midweek. Weekend campers at the campground are strongly encouraged to hike into the monument or use the shuttle service. There are no concession services at the monument and the closest gas stations to the east entrance are thirty miles away.

For more information about International Migratory Bird Day, visit For general information about Pinnacles National Monument call (831) 389-4485 or visit our Web site.

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