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5000 Acres of Pinnacles Land Targeted for Development

Plan Summary
On August 16th a meeting sponsored by Philippine-based developer Romeo G. Roxas, and conducted by his daughter, Yvette Sullivan of Salinas along with Roxas' representative, Leon Katz was held at the Windmill Restaurant in Soledad. At this meeting a proposal to convert some 5000 acres of land in the hills above Soledad into a "city of learning" was presented to a group of concerned citizens, including Eric Brunnemann, Superintendent of the Pinnacles National Monument.

The plan itself is quite ambitious, the details of which are outlined in an excellent article in the Sunday Pinnacle written by Kate Woods.

What We Know
According to information gathered by Friends Of Pinnacles, this is not the first time that this sort of project has been proposed in the area. All previous attempts have met with fierce resistance and been dropped. Initially, fierce resistance seems to be the direction things are going to go this time around as well. The LandWatch Organization is spearheading organization of opposition to the plan.

The Next Meeting
A second meeting, in opposition to the plan, is being conducted today (Mon, Aug 28th) at 2 pm at the Soledad Information Center, 641 Front St., Soledad. LandWatch will be meeting with anyone who shows up. FOP will report on the results of that meeting as soon as we hear.

What Can You Do?
Friends Of Pinnacles will continue to monitor developments regarding this issue and report them as best we can, but we also urge those of you who are concerned to get involved.
Your best bet would be to contact LandWatch directly at (831) 422-9390.

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