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  • Raptor Monitoring Update for May to June 2019

    The breeding raptor season is in full swing at Pinnacles National Park, with many species finishing up their nesting efforts. Here is an update on raptor activity through May and June.

Climbing Accident on the Tourist Trap

[This report excerpted from the National Park Service Morning Report]

Ranger Richard Banuelos received a report of an injured climber on the "Tourist Trap" route on Saturday, July 22nd. Ranger/EMT Don Gauvreau responded and found the Menlo Park climber on a ledge, semiconscious and suffering from severe head trauma.

He had fallen about 20 feet, striking his head just below his helmet. The climber was lowered 25 feet to the base of the cliff with the help of his fellow climbers, including his brother. A team comprised of park staff and CDF firefighters transported the climber to an ambulance, then taken to a helicopter that flew him to Valley Medical Center. At the time of the report, he was in critical condition with severe inter-cranial swelling.

Note: This climber later died of his injuries. See Climbing Fatality article above.

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