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  • Raptor Closures Update - July, 2021

    The breeding raptor season is finally wrapping up at Pinnacles National Park and I wanted to provide a final update for 2021. All Raprot closures have been lifted.

Pinnacles National Monument Awarded Junior Ranger Ambassadors Grant

Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Release Date: April 24, 2007
Contact: Carl Brenner, Supervisor, Interpretation &
Education Phone: (831) 389 4485 x265

Paicines April 24, 2007 Pinnacles National Monument announces that they have been selected to receive a 2007 Junior Ranger Ambassadors grant to support the development of a three level Junior Ranger booklet, design and implement its first fully articulated companion program for outreach (both within and outside of the monument), and make the entire program accessible to all children and families who visit or would like to visit Pinnacles. The Junior Ranger Ambassadors Initiative in its second year is made possible through the generous support of the National Park Foundation.

"This grant will create a Jr. Ranger program that is more meaningful to our younger visitors and their families," said Eric Brunnemann, Superintendent of Pinnacles National Monument. "We will be able to make connections to a more diverse audience of kids and include our visitors who speak languages other than English," continued Brunnemann.

National Park Foundation Junior Ranger Ambassador grants, awarded to 30 national parks sponsor Junior Ranger Ambassadors across the country to assist in developing and improving National Park Junior Ranger programs. The Junior Ranger Ambassador program, initiated in 2006, employs Student Conservation Association interns to assist with the design, delivery and promotion of National Park Junior Ranger Programs

The Junior Ranger program, created by the National Park Service in the 1960s, engages kids in age-appropriate activities that introduce them to the treasures of the national park system, allowing them to discover the significance of these special places and to understand the importance of protecting them. Today, the Junior Ranger program serves 383,639 children in 297 Parks and includes an online component, WebRangers which receives over 1 million visitors annually. Vist the WebRangers Web Site.

This announcement is the latest in the National Park Foundation's nationwide support of the Junior Ranger program. Since 2005, the Foundation has directed more than $2.5 million dollars in support of the program including support for the first ever Jr. Ranger Day, an annual celebration of Junior Rangers and the Junior Ranger Program during National Park Week.

"We know how important it is that our children have a connection to America through our national parks," said National Park Foundation President and CEO, Vin Cipolla. "We are proud to support the Junior Ranger program as part of our nationwide effort to connect children to America's heritage so that they can develop the sense of pride and ownership necessary to be the future stewards of these magnificent places."

About the National Park Foundation

The National Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization chartered by Congress in 1967 to continue a century-long tradition of private philanthropy ensuring funding to preserve and enhance the legacy of our National Parks. As the official non-profit partner of America's National Parks, the National Park Foundation does not receive federal appropriations for their support. The National Park Foundation serves to strengthen the connection between the American people and their national parks by raising private funds, making strategic grants, creating innovative partnerships and increasing public awareness. Support of the National Park Foundation ensures that the evolving history and rich heritage of our Nation remains vital and relevant.

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  • Raptor Closures Update - July, 2021

    The breeding raptor season is finally wrapping up at Pinnacles National Park and I wanted to provide a final update for 2021. All Raprot closures have been lifted.

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